Congratulations! You have reached the right place to increase your business. At Offshore-BPO.com we specialize in preparing BPO (Brokers Price Opinion) reports. You can easily double your business within a month with your remote team working 24/7 for you.


Offshore-BPO.com offers a wide range of services in the field of Real Estate like Broker Price Opinion, Rental Listings and Equipment Leasing etc. We have more than 500 staffs onboard​ with good knowledge on US real estate and assure you the quality of jobs performed.The services that we render are derived from a highly motivated team of experts who believe in team work and strive for perfection.

The assigned BPO orders will be executed by our well educated BPO Managers, and we have increased the BPO volume by 2 to 3 folds for our existing clients. We deliver all the reports within 24 hours and some of our clients getting their orders completed within 12 to 6 hours TAT. We work 24/7/365 days including all federal holidays to deliver the BPOs on time to meet our client’s requirements. Our Quality Control team will check each and every data entered in BPO report before sending the report in.

  • Registering your profile in more than 100+ Asset companies & BPO companies in US
  • Analyzing the order & pulling the tax records of the received property
  • Pulling the sale and list comparables
  • Data entry and uploading the photos
  • Quality check and submitting the order
  • Correcting and resubmitting the rejected orders if any
  • Dedicated BPO team assigned working 24/7, staffs assigned as per the average volume of orders you do a month.
  • Qualified managers to analyze and to do timely delivery
  • Expert support assistants to keep you informed about the status of the orders
  • Data entry and uploading the photos
  • Quality check and submitting the order
  • Resolving kickbacks/revisions if any



  • Finding Tax Record of the subject
  • Comparable Research
  • Data Entry/BPO form filling
  • Uploading Subject & Comp Photos
  • Interior/Exterior Repair Adjustments
  • Quality control/Revision request if necessary
  • Turnaround Time 24 Hrs
  • VPN servers throughout


Another thing that we do is, If you don’t have time to accept offers, we do full service for bpo’s, our job is to increase the bpo volume thru full service mode. Apart from data entry and comp research, we offer full service for bpo’s where we do accepting of orders, response emails on your behalf, respond to client queries and revisions, communicate with your photographers to get the pics on time if you have one, your bpo email will be monitored 24/7. With Full service we require very minimal assistance from your end and we can even register you with new bpo vendors and set them up.

  • Accepting orders
  • Sending emails to the clients for fee request
  • Fulfilling them
  • Take care of revision request if necessary
  • Trouble shooting issues
  • Using Track my foreclosure/Google sheets to maintain orders
  • VPN servers throughout
  • Ordering pics via bpophotoflow or communicating with your photographers to get the subject pics on time
  • Will be able to upload docs like license, EO or any documents which goes expired on your accounts
  • Registering with new TOP bpo clients and making them into active status
  • Monitoring your bpo inbox 24/7 – to accept or grab orders



A Broker Price Opinion (BPO) is a report which is prepared by a real estate agent or broker which details the probable selling price of a house or property. We follow the standards and guidelines contained in Broker Price Opinion Standards and Guidelines (BPOSG) in determining the probable selling price of residential properties. BPOSG is a set of quality control measures which adhere to the fundamentals, techniques, procedures, and best practices for real estate price evaluations.

We provide end to end services to complete a BPO. We have automated the form filling process which reduces the chances of data entry errors and ensures quick turn around.

  • Broker Price Opinion
  • Retro-Broker Price Opinion
  • Rental Addendum
  • Comparable Market Analysis
  • Research and Comparable Selection






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